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July 05 2016

i think we all need to apologize to someone



im sorry buddy

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i probably spend too much time in my computer chair

This is my brother.

sorry for sitting on him

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They’re adorable TuT

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The hero we deserve (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

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everyone has that one thing they were obsessed with learning about as a kid that never goes away like it could have been years since you last looked something up related to it but the passion is still there man

do me a favour and reblog with what your childhood obsession was like I am so curious about everyone else’s because it can be the most specific thing and it’s amazing

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i cant help myself *drowns in babyhell

*points at the babies … ((I WANNA SQUISH THEIR CHEEKS))

ff babs/flowerfell belongs to: @underfart-snas

fic from: @kazefiend (part 1)


to mlm: your love is not sin and you aren’t “sinning” by being who you are. your love is valid, strong, and deserves just as much respect as anyone elses

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I might be a bit slow here in just discovering it, but why has Tumblr made it easier to delete artists captions when people were asking for the exact opposite?

its simple, more people were asking for simpler removal than the opposite. most of us sit in the fandom/artist part of tumblr, but the more “everyday” part of tumblr is made of stolen aesthetic images/photos/stuff like that. not all of tumblr community is what you see on your dash.
of course, i think removing captions is super shitty myself, but a lot of people tend to generalize the tumblr community a lot.

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Which do you prefer?

I prefer MasterChef Junior:

a wholesome post thank u

He’s so good with the kids, I love it

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i have no hope


tafw when u find something bad abt the creator of your main special interest and you’re ready to Die

Singing Child Prodigies Do Not Exist.


There is absolutely no good reason for a child to sing in a heavily operatic style. This is vocally unsafe. It is vocally irresponsible, and it is just as irresponsible to encourage this type of singing.

You know that 8 year old pianist who is rocking out to Rachmaninoff on the piano way better than any professional musician you know? That 14 year old violinist who is a “child prodigy”? Yeah, that doesn’t exist in the singing world. Here’s why:

  • Most people’s voices do not settle until their mid-20′s. A child’s larynx is still developing. It will continue to develop. A lot of people don’t even start taking private lessons until they are 18+ because of this. I cannot name one person I know of that would think this aria is appropriate for even a 20 year old. The amount of pressure this child is placing on her vocal cords will most likely damage them if she continues this.
  • A child is supposed to sound like a child. This is not her real voice. It is not POSSIBLE that this is her real voice. She is using pressure, tension, and darkening her color probably by falsely depressing her larynx to achieve a more mature sound.
  • The awful effects of this can be permanent, both physiologically and psychologically. The opera industry (the entire entertainment industry actually) is a world full of no. A world full of rejection. Expensive rejection, might I add. A world full of criticism – your voice is too wobbly, your voice is too shrill, your voice is too wide, your voice is too dark, your voice is too bright, you’re too fat, you’re too short, you’re not the right ethnicity, you’re too this, you’re too that, but not enough this or not enough that. Yes, let’s welcome children to the amount of vitriol you will experience. 
  • Your body has to catch up to your technique. Singing involves using a lot of muscles. Just to list a few: cricothyroid, posterior cricoarytenoid, lateral cricoarytenoid, transverse arytenoid, oblique arytenoid, thyroarytenoid, sternothyroid, omohyoid, sternohyoid, inferior constrictors, thyrohyoid, digastric, stylohyoid, mylohoid, geniohyoid, hyoglossus, genioglossus muscles…those are JUST the muscles used for phonation alone. Look at all those muscles you can damage! Like an athlete, these muscles must be warmed up, cooled down, and most importantly – trained. Vocal folds are pretty delicate. Look at professionally trained opera singers who have damaged their voices by overuse – and you’re telling me the same won’t happen to an underdeveloped voice? This girl will likely not even have the OPTION of an opera career because of the irresponsible people around her telling her it is okay to literally damage her voice. Unlike a piano, a flute, a violin, etc. you cannot purchase a new voice. It’s important to take care of the voice you have.
  • Not to mention, is there anyone out there that actually wants to hear a 13 year old sing about deeply intense sexual love? Really? Yeah, let’s totally forget why this aria was even written and the complex adult themes in many operas.
  • If you know voice teachers that promote this type of singing for very young singers, please know that those voice teachers are irresponsible and somewhat abusive. You are robbing a potential singer of their talent and throwing it away in the trash. 
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friendly friends snoozin and cruisin 

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Some Overwatch doodles from few of my favourite characters c: 

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I read an Anglo-Norman lai of Celtic origin about a werewolf when I was at university.

The King invites him into his court… then into his bed… then kisses him ‘’over 100 times’’. And that’s literally the end of the story.

People have wanted to fuck werewolves for longer than we ever realized

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transparent stevonio


zarya/mei u/v/u 

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